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THE 2021 KTC ADULT BEGINNER LADDER:  open to members only - June, July, August & Sept (Fee:  $15.00; after July 26-$10.00; after Aug 23-$5.00)

1st Round begins June 28th.

Players may continue to sign up and will be added to the next available round.  Sign up as far in advance of the round start date as possible.

Round 1:  June 28-July 12, Round 2:  July 13-25, Round 3:  July 26-Aug 8 Round 4:  Aug 9-29 Round 5:  Aug 30-Sept 12 Round 6:  Sept 13-26



  1. Log into your KTC account.
  2. On your member dashboard, go to the "Singles Tennis Ladder" tile.
  3. Click on the "View Ladder Rules" link to review the rules before registering.
  4. Click on the "register for singles tennis ladder" in the applicable tile. 
  5. Input your NTRP rating; this enables the ladder to schedule you with players of a similar skill level.
  6. In the "choose ladder" dropdown, select the Adult Beginner's singles box league option.
  7. Click "submit application."​

Your status will be pending after you complete the registration process. The Pro will place participants into Boxes; at that point, you will receive an email notifying you of your acceptance into the ladder. 



Once your registration has been activated, you can go back into your member dashboard and see who your opponents are for the current round. Click the "View My Singles Ladder Information (Enter Scores, View Player Profiles)" button in the Singles Tennis Ladder tile, then on "Player Profiles" to view contact information for your opponents. Then simply get in touch with the players in your ladder to schedule a date and time that works for all.   When booking the court, please indicate that it is a ladder match.  You may book 1 week in advance for a ladder match.

The only scheduling rule is that you must complete all of your games within the Round time period.  Players contact each other to schedule their matches within the Round time period.​

Each match is to be scheduled for 1 hour.  A five minute warm-up is included in the hour allotment.  Players count the number of games won in the hour time-slot.

Once you've completed a match, one of the players will sign into their KTC account and register the match scores.

At the end of the Round, players move up and down according to their results. 

There are 6 rounds.  Each round is 2 weeks long.  1st round starts on June 28th.  Players must complete 2 games each round.

New players may be added at the beginning of each round.