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RLTC Summer Fun Camps (5-14 y.o)
Supervising Coach: Zhenya
Ratio: 6:1
Dates: 9 weeks
Monday-Friday 9AM-12PM

Program Description:

  • Physical warm up & development, cooperative games, racket skill development 
  • Breaking up into pods (red, orange, green/regulation)
  • Working on skills for each day (groundstrokes, volleys, overhead, serve, tactics, footwork)
  • Water/snack breaks to ensure proper hydration and high energy/focus
  • Game situations, rally games, technique stations
  • Match play with modified scoring for each court with plenty of rotations
  • On- and off-court activities which support physical literacy and athleticism
  • Learning to LOVE the game!

5-day session $300
4-day session $240

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Summer Fun Camp (5-14 y.o)